Facility Report:

To access the Facility Report, click on the “FACILITY” tab at the top left hand side of the screen. This will bring you to the Facility Report.
The Facility Report displays all significant facility information (name, address, personnel information, and vendor information). Through this report, the system can be used as an organizational tool and become a communication medium within the company. If the manager of a facility needs to communicate with an engineer or with the manager of another facility, he or she can click on the Facility Report and the appropriate e-mail address to send correspondence without exiting the UBAR system.

The designated UBAR administrator has the ability to assign by state a weather station that will give access to Heating Degree Day (HDD) and Cooling Degree Day (CDD) information.  If the administrator has assigned a station or given the ability to assign a station update, a hyperlink will be available on the Facility Report to display this information. 

If the station has been linked, clicking the ‘Heating and Cooling Degree Days’ link will bring up a pop-up similar to the following:  

A drop-down will be available at the top left that will allow for selection and viewing of data from different years. 

To see the HDD/CDD information by day for a specific month, click on the bar in the graph for that particular month.  The daily HDD/CDD information will appear in another graph directly below the annual graph for the desired month.