General Features:


There are a few general features that are consistent throughout the entire UBAR system. There are two specific icons in every screen along with your company’s hierarchy.

In the upper right-hand portion on a report screen there are two icons, an Excel icon and a Printer icon.

Excel Icon:

  • Clicking on the icon will allow for the report being viewed to download to Excel.  An on-screen pop-up prompt will appear with options to Open or Save the report. 

  • Clicking “Open” will open the report in Excel. From here, the necessary adjustments can be made to the data and then saved as a file to the computer. 

                  Printer Icon:

  • Clicking on the   icon will pull up a printer friendly version of the information being displayed on the screen in either a new tab or a new window (depending on browser settings).


  • On the left hand side of the screen, users have the ability to view and drill down within the company’s hierarchy. This hierarchy structure is specific to the company’s portal and may have varying amounts of levels. Below is a sample hierarchy: 

  • By clicking on the  sign next to the company (in this case EnergySolve corporation) it will expand out to the next hierarchy level (in this case Bouras Properties, CMC Joist and Deck, New Columbia, Prior Coated Metals, etc.).
  • By clicking the next   sign, particular facilities will become viewable (Bouras Properties, Peru, Rock Hill, etc.).
  • Clicking any of the   signs will collapse a section.

  • Clicking on a facility will allow for reports to be run within that particular facility.